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Spiralsolution 72000 TCPEEK7 - D I A V O L O

specially manufactured from high-quality bicomponent monofilaments. The core monofilament, consisting of the high-temperature resistant PEEK polymer, has outstanding physical-mechanical properties and gives the spiral screen high tensile strength with low elongation.

To achieve special chemical-physical requirements, the high-strength core is completely coated with a fluoropolymer, creating a hybrid monofilament in which specific properties of different high-end materials are combined.

The spiral screen made from this material can be used as a flexible machine clothing with high-strength mechanical properties combined with the unique chemical character of Teflon.

Due to its largely inert behaviour and significantly anti-adhesive surface, the target applications of this new type of spiral screen are in particular the handling of sticky, adhesive goods in high-temperature positions.



Application and properties

  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical properties
  • Anti-adhesive surface functionality
    for positions susceptible to contamination
  • Application with sticky, adherent products
  • Invisible seam without marking or wear
  • Abrasion resistant due to low friction coefficient


Abrasion behaviour
Comparison of 60000 PEEK7 with 72000 TCPEEK7
after turndisc abrasion test with 10,000 rotations

60000 PEEK7

72000 TCPEEK7


Abrasion behaviour
Abrasion behaviour after turndisc abrasion test


Anti-adhesive property
State 72000 TCPEEK7 for sticky substance attachment
(Nonwoven industry, high temperature and adhesive binder)

after use

after cleaning


Cleaning instructions


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