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Which advantages provides WSF?

  • Integration of production technology, materials and products.
  • In-House production of all necessary means of production (spiral maschines, jointing tables, heat setting and asembling facilities).
  • Continual improvment processes allow for the optimal integration of materials, facilities and products.
  • Product and material development takes place in a circular flow.
  • An optimised product can be developed in cooperation with the client.

Which advantages provides the WSF spiral screens?:

  • Trouble-free fabric replacement for all applications
  • No seam mark
  • High degree of stability
  • Very good diagonal stability
  • Reduced slippage with the ability to opperate at higher tensions.
  • Better paper/cardboard contact pressure to drying cylinder surface
  • Uniform air permeability
  • Even moisture profile
  • Low tendency toward contamination
  • 100% reproducibility
  • Repairable
  • Highly flexible production process
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