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Comparison of diffrent spiral types


Spiral type flat:


standard spiral
Commercially avaiilable
0,43 x 0,70mm

Long spiral
WSF (Patent)
0,43 x 0,70mm

    Ratio B : D = 0,88 (inner width of channel)

Ratio B : D = 1,65 (inner width of channel)



Filled at an angle before fixing:


1. pre-fixate

2. fill at an angle

3. post-fixing

  Filled straight before fixing  
  >>Filler wire can be twisted and applied  
  >> low cfm values not possible  


Filled straight before fixing >> The filling wire cannot be twisted!

















Flat-spiral comparison



Spiral type round:

standard spiral
Commercially avaiilable
ø 0,70mm
long spiral
WSF (Patent)
ø 0,70mm

    Standard spiral: W < H
Ratio W : H = 0,92

Long spiral: W > H
Ratio W: H = 1,90

Fill before heat-setting
>> Filling wire can twist!
Fill before heat-setting
>> Filler cannot twist!



Round-spiral comparison:


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